KIVI is now one of the major player in field of Rubber Stamp. Over period of times, we have added numerous new products to our portfolio. KIVI offer now, one stop solution to the Stamp maker.
We serve more the 50 countries around the globe through channel of agent and distributor. Our goal is to channelized sales in most of countries in world. In today competitive world, our aim is to provide products at most reasonable price baked by best possible after sales service.

Among range of item in portfolio, our Major products are LIQUID PHOTOPOLYMER RESIN and BASE FILM SUBSTRATE. Perhaps, we are only company in world who make both products under one roof.




Super Base Films are one side coated PET Film with special proprietory coating for high bonding. This films are used as a Base Substrate for Liquid Photopolymer Resin. With application of latest coating technology,Super Base film gives flatest and uniform plate caliper for large format printer such as 52" x 80" machine. Scanner technology monitor slightest variation in coating.
Substrate Sheet (Baking Sheet)
  Super Base films are generally available in 125 micron. However, on special request we can supply in 100 micron and 175 micron.
Physical Properties
Property unit Method Value 100 µ Value 125 µ
Base Film Thickness µ Internal 93-107 120 - 130
Coating Weight gr/sqm Internal 3-5 3-5
Tensile Strength Kg/cm2 ASTM 882 >1750 >1750
Elongation At Break % ASTM 882 40-400 40-400
Shrinkage (150º C for 30 min) % ASTM 882 <1.5 <1.5

Special features
Rubber Stamps
Flexo Plates for printing on different kind of substrate such as Cardboard,
Craft Papers, News Papaers, Books, Plastic Films etc.
  inch mm inch mm No Kg
1 19.65 500 13.75 350 100 3.2
2 19.65 500 27.51 700 100 6.5
3 9.84 250 13.75 350 200 3.4
4 23.97 610 34.07 867 100 9.6

Also available in other dimentions. Master Roll and Customised Roll can be supply on Request.

For Stamp Making Process:

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