KIVI is now one of the major player in field of Rubber Stamp. Over period of times, we have added numerous new products to our portfolio. KIVI offer now, one stop solution to the Stamp maker.
We serve more the 50 countries around the globe through channel of agent and distributor. Our goal is to channelized sales in most of countries in world. In today competitive world, our aim is to provide products at most reasonable price baked by best possible after sales service.

Among range of item in portfolio, our Major products are LIQUID PHOTOPOLYMER RESIN and BASE FILM SUBSTRATE. Perhaps, we are only company in world who make both products under one roof.


Liquid Photopolymer Resin 

Flora BL-150

FLORA BL-150 is UV curable resins of 45/50 durometers (Shore A). Resin is specifically design for making Hand Stamp (Polymer Rubber Stamp). Under Controlled UV Light radiations, Liquid polymers convert into flexible and dimentionally stable plates. The compatibility of the plates is excellent with water and oil based ink.

Excellent Print Quality.
Low Tack Resin.
Good Dimensional Stability.
Environmentally Friendly.
Wide Exposure Latitude.
Long Self Life, No or Very Neglibale Deterioration on Long Storage .
Excellent Compatibility with Water and Oil Inks.
Physical Properties
  Durometer 45/50
  Moisture resistance Good
  Abrasion resistance Excellent
  Oxidation resistance Excellent
  Ozone resistance Excellent
  Specific gravity 1.025

Description and outstanding Characterstic
KIVI Photopolymer are colorless liquid PHOTOSENSITIVE POLYURETANE ELASTOMER. This liquid polymerizes when exposed to an Ultra violet light source having spectrum range between 310 and 380 nanometer.
The polymerization process convert the liquid resin in to an elastomer that is commonly used for making flexo graphic plates for printing paper, corrugated box and for making RUBBER STAMP.
Even large dimension plate can be produce.
Excellent printing quality.
Good dimensional stability.
Tack free plates.
Long life if not exposed to direct sun light.
Easy mounting on press presses.
Extremely economic plate price.
General Instruction and Precaution
Store liquid resin at temperature between 2° and 28° C in closed container.
Do not expose the liquid photopolymer to the direct sunlight under any circumstances.
When producing stamp, always wear protective clothing, gloves safety glasses.
Never mix two different resin from different source.
KIVI resin must be used with compatible substrate sheet and accessories.
Always keep away from children.
Fresh polymer and recovered polymer should use carefully.
For Making Hand Stamp(Rubber Stamp).
For Making Printing Plates for Labels, Envelope Etc.
Safety Information and Labeling
Both polymer have an LD50 exceeding 5000mg/kg of body weight. This means that they are non dangerous.
The labeling according to 93/72/CE and94/69/CE laws resumed in the following table.
Additional Information
Non Flammable Non Toxic
Non Oxidizing Non Harmful
Non Explosive
Non Volatile
Non Corrosive Odourless
Custom Teriff Heading
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