KIVI is now one of the major player in field of Rubber Stamp. Over period of times, we have added numerous new products to our portfolio. KIVI offer now, one stop solution to the Stamp maker.
We serve more the 50 countries around the globe through channel of agent and distributor. Our goal is to channelized sales in most of countries in world. In today competitive world, our aim is to provide products at most reasonable price baked by best possible after sales service.

Among range of item in portfolio, our Major products are LIQUID PHOTOPOLYMER RESIN and BASE FILM SUBSTRATE. Perhaps, we are only company in world who make both products under one roof.


Acrylic Mount & Handle


KIVI acrylic mount are crystal clear and having elegant look.
Exclusive Design for firm grip.
Easy to see through-making possible to have perfect placement of stamp.
Available in various size
Each unit is hand crafted.
Highly economical and much cheaper then wooden handle
Environmentally friendly - KIVI handle are easily washable with soapy water. No hazardous chemical require to clean it.
Wide range of size are available.

Additional Features
Acrylic Mount Information
Acrylic mounts are generally not available through your general craft store and may not be available at a local rubber stamp store. More and more rubber stamp stores are selling unmounted rubber stamps and a few of those carry acrylic mounts, but it hasn't fully caught on. Acrylic mounts are generally between 1/4" and 3/4" thick and come in various sizes. They should be unbreakable. It is easiest to use a mount that just slightly larger than the rubber stamp die. If the rubber stamp does not completely fit onto the mount, it will not stamp properly. Also, if the mount is far larger than the rubber stamp, it will be hard to ink without inking your acrylic mount, which can lead to stray marks on your paper. Note: Acrylic is heavier than the wood most commonly used for mounting rubber stamps. Larger sized acrylic mounts can weigh up to a full pound. We order our mounts at 1/2" thickness rather than 3/4" thickness to minimize the weight without compromising the strength. 1/2" acrylic mounts are unbreakable.

Care and Cleaning
Harsh rubber stamp cleansers can cause crazing of acrylic, which is a seriers of hairline cracks. If you need to clean ink of your mounts with such cleaners, try not to do so frequently and be sure to wash the residue off the mount with warm soapy water afterward. Likewise, give your mounts a washing if you've gotten ink cleaner on your mounts when cleaning your stamps while still attached to the acrylic.

Temporary Mounting on Acrylic Blocks
The latest popular method involves applying repositional adhesive to the backs of the dies so they can be mounted again and again on acrylic mounts and stored on plastic 3-ring binder protector pages or acetate. Some repositional adhesive is more tacky than others. We've outlined which repositional adhesives work best on acrylic mounts in our mounting techniques listed under our techniques pages. Also visit our techniques pages for exact instructions for temporarily mounting on acrylic mounts. align="justify">Some rubber stampers like to use double-sided poster tape to temporarily adhere rubber dies to acrylic mounts. The tape is normally applied directly to the mount and reused with different stamps until it loses its tackiness. Poster tape is less tacky than other tapes and will not stick to your mounts when you try to remove them.

Other people are happy with the quick results obtained by temporarily adhering a rubber die to an acrylic mount with craft glue stick. It washes off the mount and the die with water and seems to provide a pretty good temporary adhesion.
Acrylic Mount Block (Mount Polymer Stamp Without Handle)
  Crystal clear Acrylic mount are available in generally thickness of 12mm and 16m. Each unit handcrafted and beveled to avoid rough edges. The size charts of blocks are available on request. Contact (Give link).

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